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Hello, It's Me

....Is it me you're looking for?

 Well this is where I help you figure that out darling.

First things’s pronounced:

 Mon-a-KEH-lo or Monac-Hello 

 I’m the sparkler in your piña colada. Your favourite song at the party. I’m the made-up word that somehow makes sense…

 …I’m spondiferous.

 I sizzle, I shine, and I’m in love with creating energy, enthusiasm and life in everyone I meet.

 I’m a Transformational Coach, and I’m so very pleased to meet you.

 Half Italian, half Danish, i’m a cocktail of surprises and the ‘out there’ chick who sings her name at introductions and turns handshakes into heart-to-heart hugs.

 A multipotentialite with a fire for art, music, spirituality and personal and business development, my greatest fire burns for entrepreneurial women in need of escaping that feeling that there’s something else, something more…

 This fire roars from years of learning, studying, searching, questioning and gaining the greatest wealth I’ve ever owned: The knowledge, methods and determination to live a life without sabotaging self-limiting beliefs and road blocks or as I like to call them toad blocks.

 In short, I’ve learned how to unlock my superpowers, and in turn I burn bright helping my fellow females do the same. I spend my days unleashing the power to empower women like you.

 Are you ready?

To reset, realign, rediscover and reignite your power…because, darling, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

 I’m Rosanna Monachello, and I won’t just show you the way, I’ll show you how to feel Wahey!

 But, it hasn’t always been this bliss…

 After experiencing childhood emotional and sexual abuse I was set up for failure. That lead to 2 failed businesses, 2 bouts of homelessness and 2 divorces, I had a nervous breakdown. It toyed with my sanity and I lost my biggest asset: My self-belief…what’s worse…I fell out of love with myself.

 It was 2013, and it was crunch time. Do I accept this as my fate, thinking I’ll never be good enough, never successful, attractive or loved, or do I take on the dance of the phoenix?

 I chose to rise.

 With the little I had left, I poured everything, every scrape of cash, every morsel of energy into training in various therapies, learning coping methods and strategies, and opened myself up to my spiritual self that had been dormant for too long.

 I wanted to see change so I needed to be the change.

 It was then I unlocked a desire; a desire for coaching and to keep growing, keep developing, keep learning, living, and above all…

 I learned how to love myself again, and, knowing how hard this is, I chose to devote my time to helping other women do the same.


…and, if my story has resonated with you, then I would be honoured to devote my time to you, too.

 After all, there’s no better time to grab your sizzle and shine.

 Yours in happiness and hoorah,



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