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Lift Off....It's here.....Why I rebranded and why you might want to too.

Well helloooooo there!! Welcome to my new blog.....exciting! It feels amazing to be writing again..... I luuuuurve it. It's one of the things that lights me up. Some people thought they could get rid of me so easily? lol......But naaah, you can't keep a lightworker on a mission down, right? .....I'm back and I'm full tilt. Pushin forwards with the spice. Here's my metaphorical salt and pepper shaker.....remember them...."ah push it real good"..... leaning into my calling to reach out authentically and find my tribe.

That in a nutshell is why I can stop reading now or you can "get giggy with it ......nanananah..."and get the good, good if you read on! Why not grab a cuppa cha?

Sooooo......what's in a brand my friend? Well the quick answer is anything you like right?..True, but no....wrong so wrong!!

Side step for a hot pause..... before you invest and multiply an entire cast of cards, brochures and a...

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