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Lift Off....It's here.....Why I rebranded and why you might want to too.

Well helloooooo there!! Welcome to my new blog.....exciting! It feels amazing to be writing again..... I luuuuurve it. It's one of the things that lights me up. Some people thought they could get rid of me so easily? lol......But naaah, you can't keep a lightworker on a mission down, right? .....I'm back and I'm full tilt. Pushin forwards with the spice. Here's my metaphorical salt and pepper shaker.....remember them...."ah push it real good"..... leaning into my calling to reach out authentically and find my tribe.

That in a nutshell is why I can stop reading now or you can "get giggy with it ......nanananah..."and get the good, good if you read on! Why not grab a cuppa cha?

Sooooo......what's in a brand my friend? Well the quick answer is anything you like right?..True, but no....wrong so wrong!!

Side step for a hot pause..... before you invest and multiply an entire cast of cards, brochures and a new spangly website with all the widgets you don't need. Mugwai or Gremlin's good to avoid the biz blender.

Listen.... consider the power of the right question. Your answers will only ever be as good as your questions. Think about that for a moment. Ask the right question and you can answer with success. Take note of this ......your thoughts, values and beliefs manifest your life therefore questioning your logic and intuition while being open to shifting trends is key to developing and growing.

Ok, now let's park that for a mo. Let's put a bit of meat on dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones of this subject rebrand or not to rebrand? That is the question and possibly your Holy Grail solution to your problem of how to create more growth in your business and increase your income. Scary yes....necessary....possibly. But how do you know when and indeed, if, you take the leap.

Here's My Story

My main income stream comes from transformational coaching and alternative therapy. I deal in asking the right questions as a livin. Hey, can I let you into a secret.....what's in a brand? a dodo question! The better question is what goes into a good brand that sings and hollaaars the right message to the peeps you wanna connect with? See where I'm going here?

So good riddance to my old faithful geometric head with bubbles and hearts.... You served me well and as amazing as you looked...You're good for me.....Bye Bye my Baby Bye Bye....I changed my living standard and moved uptown.....

My previous logo was awesome lookin. When it was first created and launched, several of my peers in my coaching and holistic therapy world declared they had logo envy. It was a beaut and it still is. But you know that favourite dress that you bought when you were a different size that looked great and then began to pinch and nip at the ever evolving bulging curves?....yes?.....oh I feel your pain....haha... well that was me in branding terms. It was ill fitting and incongruent. I had grown and big time. I had added several therapies to my mocktail bar and tool belt and even added a few income streams!

What were the signs I needed to rebrand?

1) It didn't express who I am, which in my case, is important because I had evolved into my own brand. I wasn't a company anymore the company was me. This happened organically because everything I do is intuitive. I go with my gut....I research, I plan, I strategise and I take action but my gut can turn me on a pin head every time. For me it's a no brainer. Gut wins...simples

2) It didn't give a feel of everything I do 

3) I needed a brand that was more about me and could traverse everything I do seamlessly so I didn't have to spend a fortune on lots of different sets of cards and various websites.

4) In short, I needed a brand that could transfer across all my income streams of transformational coaching, public speaking, writing, singing, fine art, illustration, MLM and whatever new income streams may be born. After all, I'm an ever evolving multipotentialite and I do not want to be rebranding again....right? That's just attention seeking nonsense and the equivalent of business hari kari. 

5) Now this is the big one.....I started to feel that it wasn't worth giving out business cards or displaying my banner at events! suicide folks! It actually felt like lying to me....weird right? But true.

There has been a general mindset shift in collective thinking and aspiration in the last few years. People respond really well to authenticity. I keep hearing these 2 phrases everywhere and I believe it myself.....people buy from people and collaboration not competition (how can you collaborate if you don't know that person and feel their authenticity?). If that's true and it is my friend. Then time and money must be spent getting our authentic message right...right? Are you with me?

Anyhoo......a rebrand done right should take as long as it needs to take......shock horror!.....what!! most of you run screaming out of the room at this point right? But these things cannot and should not be rushed. You owe it to yourself and your market to get it right. That doesn't mean you don't set most definitely do but don't throw mama off the train or the baby out with the bath water to meet them. It should involve some deep divin into core values, beliefs, mission, goals, plans, general target market and most importantly I.C.A. Interesting .....notice....that is I.C.A is C.I.A reshuffled. Quite apt really, because quite frankly, this process involves some serious investigative work in self confrontation and business strategy analysis. It's super food soul work and nothing less, when done properly. What does I.C.A stand for?

Well.....ideal client avatar of course.... and well, being ever so slightly geeky, anything with avatar in the title appeals to me...haha. Voila... I got deep down and dirty  Icarus with his wax and feathers. I jumped off the brand cliff and flew. Word of caution though; be careful it's easy to fly too close to the sun. Like the Greek myth warned us of, your wax might melt and your feathered wings may fall to the ground sending you plummeting too. Get a team on board to help you do it right. Do your research and do your energy/mindset work. Keep it contained, manageable and relavant to your industry/vocation, offering and context.  

A good place to start....advice I got from Lucy with a steppin marketing provocateur

Who do you aspire to be or who do you admire? After she posed this question to me, I realised that none of them had business names but used their own name as their brand name.....jaw open and on the floor time! Seems simple but I hadn't looked at it that way before. This is why you need support. You may be the most awesome coach but you need support from outside lookin in cos sometimes, you can't see the wood for the trees. Perspective and consultation is key.

Back to I.C.A.

Now, we are talkin pinning it down to one fictional character....boom....gender, age, name, do they drive?.... if so what?, where they shop, what they do for a living (obvious) but also....are they single, married, divorced, divorced multiple times, children, no children, adopted children, how many children, where do they holiday, how educated are they.....etc...etc.....

And why all this effort? that you can key into what is important to them. You want to connect. What do they think, how do they think, what do they like and how do they speak? All this effort to be able to connect with them! And breathe..............perhaps.....for a long's exhausting. You will hit toad blocks (my all encompassin name for any kind of mindset toad blocks (well intentioned, designed by your infantile mind to keep you "safe") .  You are likely to come up against these programmes/patterns/phenomena that manifest in your thinking and then spring board you into self sabotagin behaviour. Before you know it.....they grab a hold of you.....growing shoots out from your subconscious roots that prevent you from being the Hot Stepper and Light Shiner you were born to be. 

But and now this is a big BBBBUUUUUT.......I like Big buts and I cannot lie.....those other mothers can't can in fact stop them dead in their tracks. You can be repogrammed following removal of these pesky little mites that eat your sanity and can destroy your life and biz in a myriad of multi coloured ways. They feed off your fear. Often we fear change and uncertainty the most. Therefore any thoughts of a rebrand could be sending you into a tail spin right now. I highly recommend engagin a mindset coach to help if this is you. More on this in a future blog. But for now there's a summary on Toad Blocks (I nicknamed them after my second husband)

A mindset coach is invaluable in this scenario and venture. They will help you sift through what rings true for you. They can help you understand the difference between a paradox and an incongruent thought. You may also need help with....WHAT RESONATES FOR YOU? and is it resonating for the RIGHT reasons?

Remember...doing nothing changes nothing - well that's true right? but on the other hand sometimes if you wait....things have a way of resolving themselves.......arghhhh brain fry right? This is why it can really help to get the right confidential support.

Well, so far my rebrand has been met with only awesome responses. But word of caution. Don't be doing this on a whim. 

If this resonates.... Just Go Peeps! Strategise, plan and jump right in, the water feels just right!!!

Look out for a future blog on how I rebranded on a shoe string. Coming soon.

Now go be AWESOME!!


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