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Woohoo! Welcome to getting yourself back on top of your business and your life in general

Do you need some oumph, peace, focus and clarity.....perhaps you are depressed? Have you been anxious about the future and feeling overwhelmed by your daily tasks and deadlines? Have you been struggling to balance your work and home life? Perhaps you may have even been worried you are sitting down for a drink in the evening just too often! Are you self medicating with alcohol, food or even drugs? You are attempting to make yourself feel better but in the end you just feel worse and then the self loathing creeps in, right? In that case, I'm glad you found me! Yes, we are in the middle of the Corona virus challenge but don't be down! You've just arrived at the right place for a Boost & Blast! I believe in synchronicity. You are here for a reason and I'm here to help! I've been serving clients in a massive way since the first day of lockdown which I affectionately call Lickdown.....why? ....well ....quite simply you can have this thing licked like a lolly haha. I give you the healing tools, resources, knowledge, expertise and intuitive guidance to help you not only get through this but thrive. You want focus, clarity, accountability, sound business advice and even come up with an idea or two to push your business into profit and work smarter not harder. I call it sworking. I'm a creative thinker and I help you think outside of the box to find solutions that really work for you, your business and give your clients/customers what they want and need. I specialise in helping narcissistic abuse and sexual abuses survivors in particular overcome their traumas. But I have worked with women predominantly over 40 who have a myriad of experiences and dispositions to overcome in order to achieve more happiness, peace and success. I have experience with PTSD, weight/body image issues, eating disorders, anxiety, phobias and more. I work with clients on a 12 week programme in order to give them awesome results. My programme is available for 4.4k or 5k if paid by instalments. If you would like more information then please get in touch.

Work Less

Chill your beans and quit running around like a rabid dog chasing its tail. It looks silly and stresses people around you. Learn all about the Smarter not Harder paradigm with me

Be More

Do you have a big dream you dare not speak about? Do you feel too small, too insignificant to admit to it? Well you're in the right place. I have helped many business owners and leaders and I can help you too. Grab Your Sizzle & Shine here. 

I'm an expert at helping my clients overcome and adapt from the traumatic experiences that have left them feeling stuck in ever revolving patterns of negative behaviours and toxic relationships

Earn More

Getting more productive needn't require blood, sweat and tears! That's CRAZY thinking. Woohoo welcome to the woo woo. I'm about to rock your world if you choose to work with me

Coaching support during lockdown. Click below to see me offer my free time to support peeps with their mindset and keep them smiling and thinking positively




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Welcome to a Whole New World of Wahey!

It's a paradigm shift in thinking....soooo much more than mindset. We retrain your mind, raise my vibe and expand your level of consciousness to be able to do a lot of things well in far less time.  It's the flow way baby....yeah! I've created my own modality. I call it Multilevel Metamorphosis Therapy.

I'm certified in Hypnotherapy, Angelic Reiki to teacher level, Crystal Healing and E.F.T/Tapping. I am highly intuitive and use Oracle Card Readings and muscle testing as added tools to enable me to discover the root of your blocks and challenges so so you can finally be rid of them and live life well, in peace and prosperity. You are important. I help you to love yourself and the life you live. Isn't it time to invest in your happiness?

Jump aboard the magical mystery tour

Woohoo Click me to enter my world of Sizzle & Shine.

The Why? The How? & The What the Hell?

Get to know my story. What made me indomitable, resourceful, resilient and drove me to be so adapted to living a life in flow and teaching others how to do the same? Why am I so passionate about making a big difference and shining my light in the world? Why have I made it part of my mission to help others overcome, transcend and transform? Just click below to find out more.


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